Henry's DYNATORIUM - Operation: Total Fitness
The most innovative program using the latest cutting edge findings...
A totally unique approach to fitness--different than any program you've EVER tried before!

...Based on INTENSITY not volume...
Intensity is the foundation!
only requires 20 minutes 2-3 times a week!
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It's the High Intensity Program (HIT Program)
developed by scientists in the 18th century 
and made popular in this century by Arthur Jones,
the inventor of Nautilus Equipment.

* Slows down aging process
* Incorporates Strategies to support optimal health
* Promotes a prioritized system of training
* Gives athletes the competitive edge
* Employs the latest in scientific research in nutrition and weight loss
* Reduces age-related bone/muscle degeneration
* Improves ability to concentrate and focus - - in people who have hyperactivity, ADD/ADHD
Call 234-788-3870 to make an appointment.

Henry McGhee, Jr. 
M.S. headcoarch, owner
World's first person to start the entire muscle and strength movement with women, teens, kids, and special needs. 
He was Associate Physical Director for downtown Canton YMCA. He has been featured in Sports Illustrated and all muscle and fitness magazines. Henry has appeared on local, regional and national newspapers, radio and TV.
2320 26th St N.E. * Canton, Ohio 44705
234-788-3870 * hdynatorium@sbcglobal.net